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Private bird owners, please do not place an order. Contact your veterinarian.  A $30.00 processing fee will be assessed for any unauthorized credit card payment requiring reimbursement. This is a  fee charged by merchant services to fulfill placing and refunding your unauthorized order. 
****This is  non negotiable.****

Avian veterinarians know the frustrations of using restraint collars on birds.  
Designed by a practicing veterinarian, the Avian Spherical Collar
is effective for a variety of avian challenges.

  • Ergonomic design enhances mobility, visibility  cleanliness and ease of use
  • Clear, medical grade plastic  
  • Light weight yet very durable
  • Simple, two step locking mechanism  
  • No screws or separate snaps, just identical halves
  • Designed for rapid release  

Restraint is an aid, not a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment. Effectiveness of this collar must be determined on an individual patient basis.
The design of this collar is unique. Several sizes may fit an individual bird. 
Initial purchase of at least one full set containing all twelve sizes of collars is required.  One or more replacement collars of any size may then be ordered. Full sets of 12 collars are discounted 50%. Additional orders of three or more of any one size collars will be discounted approximately 30%.

If you experience any difficulty in ordering online, please:
   e-mail : 
drghn@aol.com   or call     239-267-9746   

The collar size increases in 0.2 inch increments. Slight variations in a bird's conformation and size will result in different degrees of effectiveness.  The injection molding manufacturing process may occasionally result in rough margins . Always check for roughness before applying. A dremel works well to smooth rough margins. 

Do not stretch the neck tight in fitting a collar. This will lead to the formation of pressure sores. 

To gain a better perspective go to: Collar Application .

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