Avian Spherical Collar (Ball Collar)

Contact us:(Not sold to the public directly.)

e-mail: drghn@aol.com  (ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS SHOULD PLACE ORDERS OFFLINE DUE TO VARYING SHIPPING FEES. PayPal processes all payments and requires using a U.S. Credit Card or PayPal Express. If you do not have a U.S. Credit Card or PayPal Express,  a bank wire transfer will be required. Any GHN, Inc. fees associated with the wire transfer will be included in the cost of the order.)

Leave a text or voice message if necessary: phone 239-994-0285

Veterinarians Only (all others will be politely declined). (239)994-0285

Bird owners and interested parties may inquire by e-mail about veterinarians carrying this product line in your area.
Collars are not sold to the general public. Any fees associated with refunding inappropriately placed orders by a non-veterinary associated person or facility will be deducted from the refund.