Avian Spherical Collar (Ball Collar)

Terms & Conditions 


Please do not attempt to order this product if you can not verify you are a veterinarian,
ordering for a veterinary facility or can not provide approval of a veterinarian.  Any merchant
service fees associated with refunding non-veterinary approved orders will be deducted.

Shipping terms are different for Hawaii, Alaska, U.S Territories and International Orders. Contact drghn@aol.com.
Orders outside the Continental U.S. will receive an invoice from PayPal for the full amount of the order and shipping fee. 

U.S. Priority Global includes limited insurance and tracking.  Fees are typically lower than FedEx, UPS, and other options. Special shipping requests are welcomed. A service fee of $5.00 will be added to the alternative shipping fee + insurance + tracking. 

Unexpected delays have become more frequent.  Normal tracking times are 7 to 14 days but have been delayed up to 4 weeks. In rare circumstances, deliveries have been returned during lockdowns in some destinations. It is very important to provide very clear Shipping Address instructions with telephone and e-mail contacts.

A full set of 12 sizes of collars is required before individual collar sizes can be reordered.
As a courtesy, a 40% discount is applied to a full set of 12 sizes. Reordering 3 of any one size will receive a 20% discount

Reordering single collars of any one size will be at full price. To do this, contact drghn@aol.com. 

U.S. Priority Shipping:  Continental U.S. $12.00 minimum.