Avian Spherical Collar (Ball Collar)

Instructions for Application of the Avian Spherical Cervical Collar:

Warning: Restraint is an aid, not a substitute for proper diagnosis and treatment. Effectiveness of this collar must be determined on an individual patient basis for the specific purpose intended. It will not serve well for all conditions. The Avian Spherical Collar is made of medical grade polycarbonate plastic.  Designed for smoothness, the injection molding process can occassionally result in slight surface imperfections.  Check for surface imperfections before applying. Virtually indestructible while in place, it can  pop off if ‘hit’ just right. A tape ring around the equator or placed within the two catches can further secure the collar. Always instruct clients in unlocking a collar from their bird.

Size Selection: Approximate to the size of the bird’s head.  Two or three sizes may fit one bird. Sizes increase by 0.2 inch increments. The numeral markings indicates each collar’s diameter in inches and also serves as the pressure point  to unlock the collar.  

‘Three Step’ Process of Applying the Collar:  First, slide the numerically marked rim of each hemisphere to the inside of the opposing unmarked rim.  Second, rotate back and forth to release any feathers. Third, centrally locate your thumb on opposite protruding rims. Press to lock. Do not apply constant, increasing force. The  collar is designed to lock easily. If it does not easily lock, recheck the alignment of the two halves and / or try shifting pressure points slightly. After locking, verify again the collar turns freely.

The two step lock allows you to loosely align the two halves together on the bird, rotate to free up any trapped feathers, then lock into the final position. Practice locking and unlocking the collar before placing on a bird. When fitting smaller collars, place a temporary mark at each numerical site. This will help to more easily identify correct alignment while placing on the patient.

The collar  may be unlocked  by simultaneously placing finger pressure directly over the numbers on opposite halves. The collar separates in one direction only.